How you measure success

A simple definition of success is "the favorable outcome of something attempted".  Is your business having "favorable outcomes?"  Doty Consulting helps business owners use financial information as a tool to measure success.  





I provide financial services to small & medium size companies on an as-needed / part-time basis. I assist business owners identify the key drivers of their business starting with the financial information available.  I then work with the business owner to identify the key drivers and business metrics necessary to bring focus toward improved results.




My services include the role of a Chief Financial Officer in your company.  If your business is not large enought to afford a full-time CFO, consider the benefit of using one on an as-needed basis.


"Jim has a wealth of expeience.  Trust is paramount in his line of work, and Jim has integrity and ethics required for the job.  He is flexible, caring, and intelligent.  Excellent character."


"Jim, bottom line, has helped us get cash!"